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$250,000 Settlement during Trial in Slip and Fall Case

We recently settled a slip and fall case for $250,000 during trial for a very deserving client. The case resulted from a slip and fall on rain water inside a corner store in a South Philadelphia neighborhood. It had been raining all morning and our client slipped and fell on the tile floor after entering the store and sustained an aggravation of a pre-existing rotator cuff tear. The store failed to place any "wet floor" signs and also failed to follow their typical procedure of placing flattened cardboard on the floor during periods of rain. The client ultimately had rotator cuff surgery after physical therapy and conservative measures failed.

Defendants made a "final" settlement offer of $100,000 and the case proceeded to trial. Attorney Grady Lowman won all four pretrial motions and successfully kept two of Defendants' expert reports out of evidence and successfully admitted all of his expert reports and testimony. After opening statements and Mr. Lowman securing a clean sweep on all motions, Defendants ultimately settled for $250,000.

We prepare every case as if it will go trial and refuse to settle for low-ball offers. The Defendants in this case initially offered $40,000. By refusing to accept the insurance company's low-ball offer and putting the case in a winning trial position, the insurance company offered $100,000 (pretrial) and then $175,000 (immediately after opening statements) and finally $250,000 (just before calling the first witness at trial). At Gordon & Lowman, we are prepared to go the distance and fight to get the maximum recovery for our clients. Call us today for a free consultation.

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